U.P. 工程师 & Architects has delivered professional services to the Upper Great Lakes Region for more than 60 years. 我们目前有几个空缺职位. Joining the 十大娱乐平台排行榜 team is an exciting career opportunity for committed professionals who are proactive leaders with a desire to advance. 我们根据经验提供有竞争力的薪水和福利. 十大娱乐平台排行榜是一个机会均等的雇主,一直在寻找有才华的人.


除了事业有成之外, 为十大娱乐平台排行榜工作创造了在密歇根州美丽的上半岛生活的机会. Outdoor recreation opportunities and the ability to experience nature during all four seasons keep many people engaged for a lifetime. And an active cultural and artistic community provides diversity and ample avenues for other forms of activities and expression. Perhaps what sets the Upper Peninsula apart from other areas of the country is the unique blend of a mild northern climate, an economy that has proven itself to be sustainable and living among people who stay in the region for a single reason: they enjoy living here.



U.P. 工程师 & 建筑师、十大娱乐彩票平台.



高级环境工程师项目经理: P.E. 有丰富的项目管理经验. This position offers a variety of opportunities for environmental professionals with a varied skill set: Regulatory Compliance reporting, 工业雨水许可, 泄漏的预防, 控制与对策, 储罐(AST), 科大), 固体废物报告, 物业收购尽职调查, 棕地重建计划- 381计划, 达成计划, 州和联邦基金项目, 补救调查/可行性研究(RI/FS), 具有土壤和地下水修复经验的补救行动计划, 密歇根I型 & 二类水井的建造和许可, 水文地质调查, 含水层泵测试, 段塞测试, 地下水勘探方法, 地质图解释, 根据州和联邦标准进行环境样本收集和评估, 熟悉环境和岩土钻探及其他调查技术, 湿地capabilities-delineation, 缓解, 室内空气质量检测(霉菌及其他污染物), 航空许可证安装熟悉度. 其他知识和经验领域:固体废物管理和许可, 固体废物水文地质监测计划, 污染场地调查 & 关闭.


高级土木工程师: P.E. 要求. 在威斯康星州和/或密歇根州有美国农业部/研发经验者优先考虑. 良好的晋升机会.


土木工程师项目经理: License Civil Engineer with 4 plus years’ experience with focus on structural engineering and/or project management is a plus. 具有桥梁设计和/或施工项目的质量背景. This position will require management of multiple concurrent design and/or construction projects, 以及完成日常项目设计职责,包括桥梁设计, 建筑设计, 涵洞设计, 挡土墙设计, 以及河流水力分析. Must be able to perform moderately complex to complex engineering calculations independently or possess the ability to quickly learn.


土木工程师/技术员(建筑及运输): 职责包括建筑检查, 材料测试, 和施工管理在春天, 夏天, 和秋天, 以及冬季的设计工作/施工管理. 建设项目包括桥梁更换工程, 桥梁中能, 道路重建, 道路铺平道路, 涵替代品, 商业建筑, 职责包括完成检查员的每日报告, 衡量已建成项目的付款项, 进行厂内沥青样品测试, 分级材料试验, 具体的测试, 管理承包商要求的可交付文件. 设计项目包括道路, 桥, 涵洞工程的职责包括规划编制, 项目估计, 以及许可证申请. 这个职位需要一名初级工程师, 有经验的工程师, 专业的工程师, 或经验丰富的工程技术员. 十大娱乐平台排行榜将提供获得所有所需认证所需的培训.


民事设计师: 主要集中在市政供水和污水系统的设计使用民用3D. The successful candidate will take surveyors’ data and create base maps; create surfaces and edit them; create pipe networks; and water and sewer plans. 候选人必须能够使用走廊包的所有部分来创建道路计划. 其中一些部分正在创建对齐,配置文件,部分和组件. 成功的候选人还将能够进行分级和体积计算. 除了, the successful candidate will have five-plus years of experience and be efficient with Word and Excel. 具有GIS知识优先.


CAD设计师(建筑及电气): 寻求一名熟练的CAD设计师,具有绘图经验和知识, 绘图和熟悉AutoCAD和Revit. The candidate will be responsible for generating and revising detailed 2D and 3D designs using computer-aided design software. 该人员将与项目管理层保持沟通, 建筑师和电气工程师创建模型, 设计图纸和维修规范, 修改, 现有建筑物及其他构筑物的修复及增建工程.


办公室/项目经理- PE结构工程师(Marinette办公室):

主要办公室经理职责: 监督日常运作, 维护行政工作,管理5人以下的办公室人员.

资格: 专业的工程师 License with a bachelor’s degree in Structural 工程 with 5-10 years’ relevant experience; Proficient in engineering software including AutoCAD, Revit, Ram and/or Risa; Knowledge of structural engineering principles in the design of buildings including concrete, 钢, 木材和建筑材料经验.


结构工程师: 3-5年相关工作经验. The individual should possess a strong practical technical knowledge and shall be capable of performing duties independently.

描述: Direct CAD designers in the production of structural construction documents for small to moderately sized projects; Research product selection and materials for use on projects; Layout structural framing systems and detail connections; Develop design criteria and perform structural analysis of new design and existing structures; Collaborate on projects with in-house 工程师/Architects/Designers and Clients; Prepare design calculations for small to medium span 桥 replacement projects; Perform load rating analysis of existing structures for repairs/retrofits in a manufacturing and/or commercial building environment; Review and respond to RFI’s, submittals and other construction related documents; Author technical reports and project correspondence.

资格: A Bachelor’s degree in Civil/Structural 工程 with 3-5 years relevant experience desirable; Must be knowledgeable and experienced in the application of structural engineering principles in the design of buildings – including building materials, systems and/or 桥 design experience; Experience with structural engineering software including AutoCAD, Revit STAAD.箴, Ram Structural System and/or Risa 3d; Must have a good understanding of construction documents, including both drawings and technical specifications; Willing to adapt to different project types and tasks on a daily basis; Able to perform visual observations and use precision instruments.


电气工程师: U.P. 工程师 & 建筑师、十大娱乐彩票平台. has an immediate opening for an initiative-taking electrical engineer that is seeking vertical growth within their career. 我们目前有大量积压的项目, 优秀的设计和施工工程师队伍, 以及为客户提供优质服务的良好声誉.

职责: 编制建筑配电施工文件, 照明设计, 火灾报警, 和技术/低压系统在高级工程师的监督下. 制作施工文件设计包, 包括平面图, 日程安排, details, 并在高级工程师的规范监督下. 根据需要对现有条件进行现场调查, 能够不经常出差(通常每年少于4周). 与其他工程师,项目经理和设计师合作. Develop and promote a positive internal work environment that takes immense pride in delivering outstanding electrical services to our clients.

资格: 电气工程学士学位. 在设计团队中工作良好,并与其他学科协调. 有1-5年的电气建筑设计经验.

强烈推荐: 熟悉国家电气规范、能源规范(ASHRAE、IECC). 熟悉建筑配电, 照明设计, 火灾报警, 技术/低压系统. 了解Revit和Autodesk套件. 培训工程师(E.I.T.)或P.E.


机械工程师: P.E. 要求. 工作内容包括:创建高效的暖通空调设计,包括管道系统, piping and equipment sizing and selection; develop specifications, 工程图纸和其他相关文件的商业, 政府, residential and institutional clients; perform design calculations and equipment selection and layout of HVAC systems and equipment such as heat, 气体, 热水, chilled water and central plants; perform heating and cooling load calculations utilizing standard industry software; communicate regularly with project managers and other members of the project team; perform construction administration; supervise or coordinate the work of designers and technicians.


建设观察者/技术员: 寻找一个有动力的, 有组织的人填补建筑观察员/技术员的空缺, 五年以上工作经验. The successful candidate will have previous experience with construction oversite of underground utilities, 比如水处理设施, 水主要, 污水处理设施, sanitary sewer main and stormwater systems and/or MDOT highway reconstruction oversight experience.
候选人必须具有阅读和解释计划和规格的经验, 在现场与承包商沟通协调, 准备每日观察报告, 跟踪承包商每日投标项目的安装数量, 并能在建筑工地独立工作.

  • > MDOT Density Technology
  • > MDOT Paving Operations
  • > MDOT Certified Aggregate Technician – Level 1
  • > ACI/MCA Concrete Field Technician
  • > Troxler Certification


验船师: 2年以上工作经验, 负责执行地形, 边界, 水文及建筑布置图. A four-year degree in Land 测量 and the ability to become a Professional Surveyor in Michigan is 要求. 必须精通GPS系统,全机器人站和数据采集器. 必须知道和使用CAD软件. 必须了解预算和截止日期. 良好的沟通技巧至关重要. 有MDOT/WisDOT项目经验者优先.